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with Domestic Violence Awareness

In February 2016, the Government announced it’s plans to invest $30 million over the next three years on a National Awareness campaign to reduce Domestic Violence against women and children.

Why? The financial toll on the Australian economy was estimated to be $21.7 billion in 2015, with the cost to businesses estimated to be $3.4 billion a year.

Government and Companies are now implementing awareness campaigns to mitigate these costs. According to Workplace Gender Equality Agencies November 2015 report:

34.9% of Australian companies have a Domestic Violence Policy or Strategy in place, including major Telcos and Banks.

Domestic Violence is now recognised to be an essential addition to a company’s suite of social policies and training. Although because of the complex emotionality of the subject, many businesses are uncertain:

  • How Domestic Violence affects their workplace and if it is relevant to their company?
  • What the benefits are when engaging in awareness programs to employees and how you can educate staff on a topic that has previously been treated as taboo & even seen as a blue-collar issue?
  • If awareness around Domestic Violence will bring benefit to my organisation?


Getting started with Lead the Way

Lead the Way is the first business to offer a comprehensive solution to the complex issue of DV to Australian business. We are the experts on how Corporates integrate Domestic Violence awareness strategy into their business. We recommend tiered levels of assistance dependant on your business and its specific requirements.

Our Programs

Walking Together –
We run various awareness programs that are informative, objective, gender neutral, unbiased and non-emotionally based. These include:

  • Keynote Speaking for high level awareness
  • Presentations and Workshops
  • Online Workshops
  • Facilitated workshops with targeted audiences – Whether it’ with your HR, Change & Diversity team OR an all staff approach


The Policy Option – Where do you stand?

  • We research your industry and the findings for companies who have introduced policies or strategies.
  • We collaborate with you on policy creation and what is relevant for your company and industry


Lead the Way – We help you build an all- encompassing domestic violence workplace strategy that is a complete fit for your company, at all levels of the business. A white-labelled step by step, from start to finish, solution. This includes:

  • Current position & industry analysis
  • Drafted & finalised workplace policy
  • Tailored awareness workshops
  • Development of communications collateral
  • Internal & external communications guidance
  • Online workshops
  • HR Employee Training
  • Assistance with external PR campaigns

Domestic Violence Awareness Matters in your business.

It’s time to Lead the Way.

Lisa in a blue topLisa McAdams is an expert on domestic violence (DV) and she comes from a corporate background. Lisa understands both the complexities of DV and the needs of businesses. Lisa is passionate about implementing these support programs in corporates and sees that the corporate landscape is changing and key employees want to work for progressive ethical companies who take their corporate responsibilities seriously.

As an expert, Lisa communicates regularly with other experts in the field of DV and as such Lead the Way has the resources available to enable companies come up with a concise, inclusive policy. Lisa is a game changer with her forward thinking ideas on a solution for DV and her corporate program is designed specifically for corporate Australia.

Lisa is herself a survivor of DV both in her childhood and her marriage and has spent the last decade researching and understanding the complexities of this issue. Lisa’s time in corporate taught her to have a pragmatic solution-based approach to gaining knowledge of this complicated issue and now uses this knowledge of both DV and the corporate environment to bring training on this emotional subject in a level-headed, no-nonsense way that speaks their language.

DV is gaining an increasing amount of attention from the media and the government is taken positive action. Lead the Way can support progressive companies adopt these policies and be ahead of the curve.

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