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Lisa is an expert on domestic violence and has earnt her stripes the hard way. Lisa’s lived experience gives her a depth of knowledge on the complex issue of domestic violence and her time in corporate means she understands the needs of businesses.  She loved her time in corporate and is glad to be back to break the code of silence with her solutions focused plan.

Lisa has the amazing ability to communicate and manages to find the humour in her past. This skill allows Lisa to broach a subject that many shy away from, with a breadth of knowledge and honesty that is unlike anything else in the market place.

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Lisa has a special talent for connecting with both her audience and workshop participants with ease, creating an instant feeling of trust and connection. Lisa brings with her the gift of humour and is a natural storyteller. Her speaking style is superbly enthusiastic, energizing and fun. She entertains, motivates and inspires. Lisa manages to bring laughter to the room even whilst sharing her story as a survivor of domestic violence in a way that empowers her clients and audiences alike.

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Domestic Violence is no longer a hidden issue

Domestic Violence is no longer the hidden issue that nobody speaks about. It has become a something that both the media and government comment on frequently. This has created an environment where people are more likely to disclose to friends, family and in the workplace.

What does your business need to do?

What so businesses need to do, what is the next step, is policy creation alone going to suffice? In today’s corporate landscape where good social license is important to business. What does good corporate social responsibility look like?

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In February 2016, the Government announced its plans to invest $30 million over the next three years on a National Awareness campaign to reduce Domestic Violence against women and children.

Why? The financial toll on the Australian economy was estimated to be $21.7 billion in 2015, with the cost to businesses estimated to be $3.4 billion a year.

Government and Companies are now implementing awareness campaigns to mitigate these costs. According to Workplace Gender Equality Agencies November 2015 report:

34.9% of Australian companies have a Domestic Violence Policy or Strategy in place, including major Telcos and Banks.

Domestic Violence is now recognised to be an essential addition to a company’s suite of social policies and training. Although because of the complex emotionality of the subject, many businesses are uncertain:

  • How Domestic Violence affects their workplace and if it is relevant to their company?
  • What the benefits are when engaging in awareness programs to employees and how you can educate staff on a topic that has previously been treated as taboo & even seen as a blue-collar issue?
  • If awareness around Domestic Violence will bring benefit to my organisation?

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