Domestic Violence Survivor, Strategist and Solutions Consultant

Lisa is a Domestic Violence Survivor, strategist and solutions consultant. Lisa is a natural educator. She is a professional speaker who utilises her life experience to connect and relate to the audience. Lisa’s specialisation is the integration of Domestic Violence programs into Corporate. Lisa’s passion for changing the conversation around Domestic Violence and engaging with corporates is at the core of all that she does. Lisa will share what nobody else is saying about Domestic Violence.

Lisa has a special talent for connecting with both her audience and workshop participants with ease, creating an instant feeling of trust and connection. Lisa brings with her the gift of humour and is a natural storyteller. Her speaking style is superbly enthusiastic, energizing and fun. She entertains, motivates and inspires. Lisa manages to bring laughter to the room even whilst sharing her story as a survivor of domestic violence in a way that empowers her clients and audiences alike.

What does Lisa speak about?
Bespoke – Tailored talk to suit your event and organisation

Living with Domestic Violence whilst working in Corporate

Lisa shares her knowledge of both domestic violence and corporate culture. Lisa’s background in company finance means she understands the impact of domestic violence on business.
Lisa gives practical and informative talks about what it was like working in corporate whilst living with DV, and how her boss knowing, and supporting her, not only saved her career but also mitigated the impact on both productivity and the bottom line.

Lisa’s personal experience gives an insight rarely heard and her approach to finding a solution for domestic violence and its impacts on corporates is unique. Lisa cuts through all the media hype so the audience gains a perspective and understanding that previously eluded them.

Domestic Violence – What to Say, What Not to Say

Lisa talks about her own hell living inside of a domestic violence marriage, how she escaped and rebuilt her life from the ground up. Lisa’s story is one of hope. Lisa shares the things that people have said and asked, from the helpful, to the out and out ridiculous. It will assist the understanding of how debilitating abusive relationships are. Ultimately though, Lisa shows that you can move on and achieve your dreams. A must for anyone who wants to know what to say to a victim or survivor of domestic violence. Whether they are in a professional or personal situation.

Responsibility – The Key to Success

Lisa shares how taking responsibility for her life was the turning point on which her success is built. That no matter where the blame may lie for your life situation, taking responsibility is like having your very own super power. She did not deserve the neglect and abuse she was subjected to from birth. But she knew, in order to heal and live the life she had long dreamed about, she would have let go of blaming her abusers and her dreams of how life should have been. Instead she let it go and created a new dream and made it reality.

The Myth of Fair

Lisa busts the myth of fair. Labelling life ‘fair’ or ‘unfair’ keeps us stuck in a feeling of lack. Lisa shares stories on how when things seemed most unfair, they were actually the biggest blessings. How to stop the compare and despair and view our own lives differently. Lisa has more than her share of struggles but giving up the illusion of fair meant that she was free to see life through a new lense. With her trademark wit and humour Lisa will lead you through the minefield that is the myth of fair.

Lisa is available for Keynotes, presentations and awareness building activities.
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